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February 4, 2020

SaaS Platform

What your SaaS website should aim for:

  • Get visitors. This is a soft objective and perhaps an obvious one, but vital nonetheless. However, millions of anonymous visitors amounts to nothing, so you want to learn who visited and bigger things may come.
  • Get leads. For good reason, this is strategy numero uno in B2B marketing. It’s realistic and practical. You not only collect a name and contact information, you collect information about your visitor’s business challenges. You learn WHY they came. If you can deliver what they seek, you have a lead, one you can nurture, one you can close.
  • Get sales. Here’s the grand prize of a website objective: the visitor becomes a paying customer. However, the majority of sites do not sell off the page, so achieving this objective might involve additional strategies and additional interactions.

That is exactly what I am here for, design you a website that converts or actually converts more than is actually doing.

Some sample for your Landing Pages, Flow for your App, Desktop version Dashboard...

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